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Sand filter versus ultrafiltration in the last step of leachate pre-treatment

Before the membrane concentration phases of the novel process for treating landfill leachates proposed in RELACH, the biologically pre-treated leachate obtained from the SBR, needs to be clarified in the last step of leachate pre-treatment. This clarification stage has been approached from two different techniques: sand filtration and ultrafiltration.

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Sequencing Batch Reactor assay for leachate pre-treatment

Prior to the membrane concentration stages of the innovative process for treating landfill leachates proposed in RELACH, CTM is now optimizing the biological pre-treatment of the leachate. In order to achieve this purpose, a laboratory scale sequencing batch reactor (SBR) is being operated for an evaluation and optimization of this process step.

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Creation of a leachate composition and treatment database

A database collecting information from 18 different European landfills has been created in order to better evaluate the applicability of the new RELEACH technology in other landfills.
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Environmental and economical impact indicators selected

One of the most important objectives of the Life+ RELEACH is to demonstrate that the innovative landfill leachate treatment methodology will provide an environmental gain compared with the current treatment strategies. Furthermore, in order that the new process could be more attractive for future potential users, the economical investment has to be reasonable.

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RELEACH project successfully launched

On 17th June 2014 took place the official kick-off of the RELEACH project at CTM facilities in Manresa. All the participants involved in the project: TYPSA, CBGR, PROTECMED, ARC and CTM met the whole day in order to shape the structure of the project.
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