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Consortium meeting at CTM facilities

Last July 5th of 2017 a Consortium meeting of the RELEACH project took place at CTM facilities. Members of Consorci del Bages per la Gestió de Residus, Agència de Residus de Catalunya, TYPSA, Protecmed and Fundació CTM Centre Tecnològic reviewed the current state of the project and discussed the results obtained during operation of the…

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Initiated the operation at Orís site

After more than 300 days of operation at Manresa site, in CBGR del Bages, the pilot plant was moved to the second site of Releach project at CTR Orís. Last week the pilot plant initated its operation at the new site and it is now finishing its start-up.

Presented at Forum d’Innovació Tecnològica

Last 27th of April RELEACH project was presented at Forum d’Innovació Tecnològica del Sector de l’Aigua at Leitat. This conference was aimed to promote the transfer of knowledge and networking around technological innovations and R&D relevant to the sustainable use of water in Catalonia.

Iniciated modifications in Orís landfill facilities

Last April the necessary modifications to the landfill facilities were started to be able to allocate Life+ RELEACH pilot plant.

Visit to Orís Landfill

Last 2nd of February Releach partners visited Orís Landfill to decide the final location of the pilot plant in its facilities.

Fourth review meeting RELEACH

The fourth review meeting of the RELEACH project took place last December 13th of 2016 at CTM facilities. Representatives of all the beneficiaries attended the meeting. The attendees reviewed the current state of the project and the current B.3 and B.4 action development. The meeting finished with a visit to the pilot plant at CBGR…

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LIFE projects technical conference: water, waste and circular economy

Last 8th of November, more than hundred experts attended the “LIFE projects technical conference: water, waste and circular economy”, which was held at Fundació CTM Centre Tecnològic and was useful to share results from several LIFE projects with partners and territory industries including private companies and landfill operators. The conference held two parallel sessions where…

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Present at V VERSOS16 International Conference

Last 9th of november Releach Project was presented at the V VERSOS International Conference in Bilbao. The conference addressed issues such as best technologies available in landfills, contaminated soils and waste management. Aspects related to good practices in these areas, covering technical, legal and administrative aspects including different perspectives and examples of applications were discussed.…

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