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Archive for: May, 2015

Second technical meeting

The second technical meeting took place on May 5th in Manresa and was attended by Protecmed, CTM and Typsa. The attendees examined the laboratory results so far. The results of landfill leachate pre-treatment step from both physicochemical and biological approaches were shown, as well as the results from low pressure filtration tests. As the biological…

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Sand filter vs ultrafiltration of leachate pre-treatment

Before the membrane concentration phases of the novel process for treating landfill leachates proposed in RELACH, the biologically pre-treated leachate obtained from the SBR, needs to be clarified in the last step of leachate pre-treatment. This clarification stage has been approached from two different techniques: sand filtration and ultrafiltration. The aim of this last pre-treatment…

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