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Archive for: March, 2015

First technical meeting

The first technical meeting of the RELEACH project was attended by technicians from Protecmed and CTM. The meeting took place on March 23rd of 2015 at CTM facilities. The reunion was convened to discuss the approach of the laboratory pre-pilot-scale electrodialysis reversal (EDR) step. The CTM laboratory was visited to see the EDR cell unit…

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Batch Reactor assay for leachate pre-treatment

Laboroatory scale Sequencing Batch Reactor for leachate pre-treatment Prior to the membrane concentration stages of the innovative process for treating landfill leachates proposed in RELACH, CTM is now optimizing the biological pre-treatment of the leachate. In order to achieve this purpose, a laboratory scale sequencing batch reactor (SBR) is being operated for an evaluation and…

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